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​​What Our Families Have to Say

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Embrace Hospice, LLC care is the best choice for you and your family in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Kerrville.  We are here when you and your doctor decide to focus on bringing comfort to your illness to reduce aggressive treatments. Services are provided in home and in hospital.

When dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis, you’re not alone. You don't have to have to feel helpless or unprepared. At Embrace Hospice, we know that every family and every circumstance is unique. Our team will embrace you, partnering to create a customized care plan that best fits your diagnosis, your home environment, your family and support system. Because your story is our story.

​​“Words cannot express the feeling in our hearts.  Thank you for being with us during this difficult time.  Your care, thoughts, prayers, and words of sympathy will always be remembered.”   Thank you, D.R.

“The entire family thanks you for the end of life planning, care, concern and friendships you gave my husband.  He enjoyed your friendship and care.”    Blessings, L.A.  

“Thank you for the wonderful service you provided my sister.  Thank you also for helping me cope with Than my sisters illness and death.  Our nurse was an angel sent to my sister and me.”   Thanks so much, K.B.  

"I had no idea of the wonderful care of Hospice.  I wish we had known sooner of the care provided by your team.  I will always remember the people who cared for my father.  I also thank you for your support and care of the chaplains who prayed with us near the end."   Thank you, N.B.

"Please tell your nurse, doctor, pastor, nurse aid and social worker that we could not have done  this without your help and guidance along the way.   It is because of all of them, that my dad was able to finally find peace.  We believe  your jobs are a calling and a mission and that you are doing good works.  It takes special people to be in Hospice and we are so relieved to have found you.   I will make sure our doctors and hospital know how valued you all are to our community."   God Bless each one on your team, C.C.​

"Thank you for the care you gave my son while he was with us.  A special thanks to our nurse who stayed by his side whenever he needed her at the end.  What a faithful servant.  Also thanks to the staff who cared for him all the while.  May you all continue to show your love and concern with families you care for.  M.B.


As you search for the best hospice care in San Antonio for your family, you may feel that you are heading into the unknown. Rest assured that Embrace Hospice is Medicare certified and fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the leading healthcare accrediting body in the United States, to provide care to residents of San Antonio  metro areas. 

​​​​Hospice care is the best choice for you and your family when you and your doctor decide to focus on bringing comfort to your illness rather than continuing aggressive treatments intended to cure your disease.

Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare and most private insurance. 

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