Keith Becker, Jr., Operations Manager
Suzy Royston, Manager of Bereavement and Spiritual Counseling & Psychosocial 
               Adrienne Vanzor, QAPI Manger  

Keith has been in hospice management since 1995, serving in executive positions at Hospice Compassus, Hospice Inspiris (which subsequently became a part of Evercare Hospice and then Optum Palliative and Hospice Care), and VITAS Innovative Hospice Care. A highly regarded hospice advocate, Keith is the past president of the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization. He has handpicked his Embrace Hospice team from trusted colleagues with whom he has worked over the years.      

As one of the first Embrace Hospice employees,  it is working with people you trust and respect that drives him to serve more patients.  Jeff has worked with Keith Becker and Sally Schwenk for the last 10 years in hospice .   Interestingly enough, he used to be a competitive tennis player/instructor, a  massage therapist, and photographer.  He is the "jack of all trades" for Embrace Hospice.

Since day one, Sally has been at Keith's side, helping to select staff and create a team that would care for patients in a more compassionate and empathetic way. Changing the model of care and pushing for the the best in each employee.  A driving force behind the clinical services, Sally was an RN at Methodist Hospital and is committed to a locally owned and operated organization.  She has credentials as an ADN and  CHPN but enjoys a little down time reading and enjoying her family.

Prior to joining Embrace, Keith spent the last 5 years with KBR Engineering. He began his career at KBR as a Financial Analyst where he handled annual budgeting and long-term forecasting, as well as detailed monthly Profit and Loss positions for a 2-billion-dollar business.   Keith graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with degrees in Finance and Economics. He also obtained his MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  His hobbies include exercising, playing golf, and spending time with his wife, Laura.

Tracy started with hospice in 2017 after being another "hand-picked" employee with years of success and expertise in her field.  As a Hospice Operations Manager and Health Care Network Developer, she brings 20 years of proven hospice experience to Embrace.  Tracy is leading the way in transitioning the team to a new era of business management and technology utilization.  She is a proud mom of a Texas Aggie and spends her time cheering on Aggie sports!

Jeff Trantham, Office Manager

Dr. Ferguson is a veteran internist in San Antonio, Texas. He received his medical training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and the University of Texas Medical School. Licensed to practice medicine in Texas since 1975, Dr. Ferguson is board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Richard Ferguson, Medical Director   
Keith Becker, Administrator
Sally Schwenk, Patient Care Administrator

For over 20 years, Nikki has worked in various fields of health administration, sales and marketing and business entrepreneurship, focused on caring for elderly, fragile and critically ill.   As she had her own personal experience with hospice, she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her career caring for those who would  need a loving and caring team to surround them during life's most difficult hours.  Nikki graduated from UTSA and went on to finish her  Master’s Degree at Eastern New Mexico University.  Married to a retired Marine, chasing three grown children and two naked dogs, is where she spends her time when she is not with patients, families or volunteers.

Nikki Patton, Director of  Community Education and Volunteer Programs

The Embrace Hospice Leadership Philosophy

Tracy Pohlen, Human Resources Director

Rev. Suzy Royston, MDIV,  joined Embrace Hospice in June 2015, wearing the full time hat as Presbyterian Minister.   Suzy’s goal is to help others live out their lives loving others by living compassionate and giving lives.  "When I was in my 20’s I began to visit a Presbyterian nursing home. Instantly drawn to an elderly woman in a wheel chair who had no family that ever visited.  She was lonely and she was dying.  Her face stayed with me through many conversations through seminary –If I feel God calling me to serve, how can I not go back and serve these precious individuals that gave so much, now left alone in their older years, in need of comfort and support."  As Suzy walks her journey, she walks the journey of our employees and patients’ lives with them helping them explore their spiritual questions and blessings.            

With solid experience and education in working with individuals with chronic illnesses and co-morbidities, Adriane provides extensive experience to support staff in providing quality care.  Adriane followed in her mother’s footsteps and in May of 2000 obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  She continued her education at the University of Texas in Arlington and obtained her Master of Science in Nursing Administration in 2012.  Her extensive experience in the hospital, public health and educational arena along with her high attention to detail and strong work ethic have made an immediate impact here at Embrace.  In her spare time, Adriane enjoys spending time with her husband of 16 years and her two young boys.        

It takes special people to provide hospice care, since it is quite different from healthcare designed to fight and cure disease. Our team has deep experience working with families like yours throughout the San Antonio area. In fact, the ownership at Embrace Hospice handpicked our team based on our years of working together in the hospice field.

We believe that truly great healthcare organizations are led by those who understand the value of humble over hierarchical, of listening over lecturing,  giving and not getting.   Leaders focused not on seeking the spotlight for themselves, but on helping their teams provide amazing patient care.  Manager who have a critical commitment to prioritize care instead of cost.  We seek out those that Serve First and Then Lead. 

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