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Medical Director– Assumes overall responsibility for the medical component of the hospice’s patient care program. The Medical Director is a patient advocate and can intervene on the patient’s behalf for pain and comfort measures.

Attending Physician– Works with RN and other hospice professionals to manage the symptoms of the terminally ill in hospice care. Any procedures, medications, or other treatments, must be approved by the attending physician.

Nurse Practitioner– Performs home visits and face to face assessments for hospice patients.  Also serves as the attending provider as requested by the patient and works with the RN and other hospice professionals to manage symptoms of the hospice patient.

Hospice Nurse– The hospice nurse develops and implements the hospice care plan and assesses the nursing needs of the hospice patient regularly to ensure that nursing needs of each patient are met. The hospice nurse works with the attending physician to ensure that the patient is kept as comfortable as possible. Pain control and symptom control are the nurse’s primary concerns.

Medical Social Worker– Assesses the psychosocial and spiritual needs of each patient and family and establishes goals in the care plan to meet those needs. The social worker also assists the patient and family in the utilization of appropriate community resources.

Chaplain Services– Assesses the spiritual need and provides spiritual care to the patients and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses. The hospice chaplain provides insight and uplifting comfort.

Nursing Assistant Services– Provides basic bedside care to the patient. The Hospice Aid provide the basic care in the home and helping the patient with the activities of daily living.

Volunteer Services– Trained volunteers are available to help in many ways. They may stay with the patient while the caregiver rests, help cook a meal for the family or provide companionship. The volunteer can shop or run errands for the patient and family, if requested, or simply make regular visits to be a friend to the patient and family.                                                            

Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy – Therapy services are sometimes provided on a short-term basis, when appropriate for the comfort of the patient.                                            

The hospice team consists of both professionals and volunteers who make a coordinated effort to ensure that the hospice philosophy is maintained to the highest degree possible.
The Embrace Hospice team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak to you, provide care and be there when you need us most.

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